Made of pre-stressed concrete, Double T slab has a width of 250 centimeters which can be reduced to 170 centimeters and is produced with a variable heights from 30 to 102 centimeters.

The thickness of the legs can be modified to increase carrying capacity and fire resistance.

At the height of 95 and 102 centimeters it is produced with Pi shape.

When used as a floor, Double T requires a concrete reinforced layer on the top to distribute the load over the entire area without any props.



L and Inverted T Beams

Especially designed to contain the Double T slab within their height, they can be shaped in correspondence of their supports to include and hide the corbels.

The height and the width of the bottom and the thickness can vary to match the length and the load to be supported.

These beams are in pre-stressed concrete and, for special requirements, can be moulded with trusses of different heights.

The beams  are connected to the columns or to the corbels using with specific devices specifically devised to avoid any risk of overturning or displacement. 



Double T slab






H (cm)

Max Length

L (cm)

T1 (cm) T2 (cm)
TT 170 - 250 5 9 , 12 , 20 30 - 90 variable*
π 170 - 250 5 20



*depending on  height and load

L - Inverted T - I - Square Beam



W (cm)


T (cm)


H (cm)

Max Length


L 50 - 90 var.10 30 - 70

50 - 170 var.5

Inverted T 70 - 110 var.10 30 - 70 50 - 170 var.5 variable*
I 50 , 55 22 , 27 50 - 170 variable*
Square 30/70 var 10 30 - 70

50/170 var 5 



*depending on  height and load



I Beams

Produced with pre-stressed concrete with a wide variety of forms in terms of width, central core and height, I beam is used when the height of the slab doesn’t need to be included into the beam, when the floor have to continue behind the column to make a balcony or a shelter, and for other specific requirements.

Working on sizes and dimensions allows the beam to be customized to the requirements of the project.



The Double T system, due to its flexibility, can be used for Multi-story buildings, parking, department store and any flat slab including roofs. With the Pi shape, Double T is also used for bridges and other infrastructures.

This feature is particularly useful when a walkable roof is needed and when it is necessary to install on the top of the building plants, gardens or heavy equipments.
You can even plan for a park on the construction.

The main components are the double T slab and the L & Inverted T beams, but customized beams can also be used for special requirements. Double T allows the designer to have large spans, high loads and maximum flexibility.

Both Double T and beam can be trimmed to reduce the total height of the slab package; the corbels will be included in the height of the beam and the beams will be included in the height of the slab.

Specific skylight allows the flow of light and air inside the building.

Besides, Double T system allow the installation on the flat surface for every kind of decorative structures, like domes, pyramids or pinnacles. And for other installations such as AC compressor and etc.



FREE SPACES – Thanks to the flexibility allowed by the variability of all of the components you can design the columns’ position where they do not obstruct the needed layout.
HEAVY WEIGHT - The variability of the section allows to support very heavy loads in any span’s solution.
SPEED OF EXECUTION - Even when you will have concrete topping, this system does not need props or any kind of supports; in addition, the casting on site can be done in any moment as the components are self supporting.
SAFETY – During the construction, operators work on cherry pickers or walk on the erected roof using specific safety devices. No scaffolding is needed for the construction using this system.