Fly is a prestigious and elegant construction system entirely made of concrete.

Every detail is perfectly designed with integration in mind and the combination of all the components forms a pleasant whole.

The head of the slab, where it rests on the beam, has a soft curved shape, well joined with the main section. The same shape is resumed by the head’s closure and the shell.

If necessary, one head can be running while crossing the I beam.

Fly is made of high-strength concrete with a special concrete mix design.

The roof beam’s height is 80 centimeters and its width is 240 centimeters. Fly roof beams satisfy most common of fire resistance codes without any further treatment or application.


Produced with pre-stressed concrete with a wide variety of forms in terms of width, central core and height. Working on sizes and dimensions allows the beam to be customized to the requirements of the project.


I & Square Beam



W (cm)


T (cm)


H (cm)

Max Length


I 50 , 55 22 , 27

50 - 170

Square 30 - 70 30 - 70

50 - 170 var 5



Graceful complement of the roof slab, the Shell integrates the Fly system and allows to build a roof entirely with concrete, beautiful aesthetically and with high performance in sound-proofing capacity.

Nicely arched with a radius of 4 meters, holes can be placed to take light from the roof or can be raised on one side to install a shed type window, oriented to avoid direct sunlight. The width is 2.5 meter and its length range from 1-4 meter. (Standard length is 4 meter).






Fly system is especially used as a roof for specialized factories, commercial and directional buildings. With the beautiful round shape, there is no need for ceilings for department stores, offices or and any other architectural buildings.

Fly system is commonly combined with concrete shells. may be in accordance with the client’s requirements, it can be combined close together or combine with curved sandwich panels.

Specific skylights and well oriented shed type windows allow light and air to flow inside the construction. The soft light coming from the roof does not disturb the users and makes their works easier. It also saves energy as well as the ventilation of the internal spaces with natural systems.

Water-proofing is secured by bituminous membranes and is simple to install over the roof not transmitting materials, which can be used to improve the insulation.

All these solutions make better working environment and quality of life for people staying in the building. In addition, the cost of these refinements is saved over time for the building management.

Besides, Fly system allows all the rainwater to flow toward the sides of the building, thereby avoiding the installation of intermediates waterspouts.

Painting after the construction for even more fashionable results.



COMFORTABLE SPACES - The roof entirely made of concrete reduces the noise and improves the working environment.
LIGHT & AIR – Easy and economical. Take light and air from the roof through skylights and shed-type windows.
SAVING MONEY – The quality of the construction allows cost-savings on management and maintaining.
WATER-PROOFING - Extremely safe waterproofing and drainage system.
SAFETY – During the construction, operators work on cherry pickers or walk on the erected roof using specific safety devices. No scaffolding is needed for the construction using this system.